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Red Kites and Sea Weeds

10 Minute. Comedy. 1M 1F.

Kazuko's son has been dead these ten years--and yet his kite stays aloft through the overwhelming power of Kazuko's grief. Except today. Today on the anniversary of his death, today when Kazuko is to be recognized by the Commissoiner for the Recognition of Loyalty Among the Peoples, today, the kite falls limp. What has happened to Kazuko's magic grief?

Commissioned and Read by The Distracted Globe.

Read at Front Porch Arts Collective.

Starring Sammy Pecoraro in: The First Television on Earth!!

Full Length. Comedic Drama w/ puppets. 2 M 2 F.

When Sammy loses his mindless factory job for daring to make something DIFFERENT, he thinks he's finally got the opportunity of a lifetime to chase his inventor's dream. But his wife chalks it up to yet another act of cowardice. His son hails it as a sign that the whole world needs destroying, and his daughter just might help him do it.

Semi-Finalist, Eugene O'Neill National Playwright's Conference, 2014


Yesterday's Balloons

10 minute. Comedy. 1 M, 1 F.

A depressed clown (salesman of sunken balloons) and a stray cat are the newest Odd Couple. They just don't know it yet.

Comissioned and read by The Distracted Globe, SC.

Monsieur le Bear's Tree Fresh Pears

Long One Act. A French miniature in dogugaeshi and paper theatre for the very young.

Auguste's baby sister (whom he loves!) is very ill! Hurry, Auguste! Go to market! Fetch the healing herbs!
Can Auguste resist the lure of the puppetmaster who makes baby sisters who never squaller never sicken, stay right with you thin and thicken? Can he open himself up to the notion of death and learn from the simple Bear who promises no such eternity, yet still brings hope?


The 56th View of Edo: Turtle Begins All

Ten Minute. Romantic Comedy. 1 M, 2 F.

Kyohe's love life is dying (literally)--and the Turtle of Good Things he's just bought is no help at all.

Read by FACT (Off-Off Broadway), NY.

Emmeline Muffet Gives Up Her Tuffet (the play)

One Act. Dark Comedy. 2 M, 1 F. 20 minutes

1 Subway toilet from your nightmares
1 Little Miss Muffet
1 Spider
(and his stomach)

Commissioned & Read by The Distracted Globe, SC.
World Premier by the Order of Furman Theatre, SC.
Film adaptation produced by Lune Bateux films.

BLOOGS Blowing By

One Act. Comedy. 1 Bedsheet Puppet, 1 Female. Approx 20 minutes.

A woman rows the black waters into Hades, intent on making peace with her dead dead-beat husband.

Read at The Silver Chair, SC.

The Mother of God has a BIC Pen Tattoo

One Act. Drama. 4F. 45 min

Four intersecting, poetic monologues based on interviews with survivors of domestic violence. Commissioned by The Bird and Baby Theatre for "The Few Lilies Project."

Commissioned and Produced by The Bird and Baby Theatre Company, SC.

Piotr the Postman

Full Length. Comedic drama. 2 M, 1 F

"Now I tell to you love story. Once when I am young man in Ohio, I speak to Glacier." An unusual love story featuring an immigrant postman, a glacier, a bull walrus, his wife, and their dead son.

Read at The Warehouse Theatre, SC.

One Act Produced at Furman University Finalpalooza Play Festival

How to Fix the Frigidaire

Full length. Comedy. 3m, 2-3 f. 90 minutes

Rachel blunders through repairs on a 30 year old Frigidaire and tries to avoid dealing with the freezer's equally ancient (and troubled!) contents. Meat will thaw; and so will grief. You can't re-freeze either. Featuring Shepherds, a taxidermist, a 900 year old medium, and the curator of a New York art museum.

Selected for InFusion Theatre's New Play Development Workshop 6 (production canceled due to director's failing health.)

The Midnight Special

Ten Minute. Comedic drama. 2 Females.

Emma is newly diagnosed with diabetes and the only person who just might understand is her long-dead megalomaniac grandma.

Read at The Silver Chair, SC.