Plays for Dolls

Calliope: Sideshow, Circus, Curio

Calliope's a freak. Really. Those ears of hers have landed her in the freak show of a strange circus--a circus where even the clowns are afraid to laugh, and huge elephant-best-friends go missing (pouf!) in the middle of the night.

YouTube playlist.

Object theatre, Stop Motion, Photo Story, Video Game. Ongoing.

Miss Emily's School For Excellence

An ongoing mulitmedia story housed at Miss Emily's School for Excellence.

Miss Emily runs a boarding school for children with magical proclivities, a school whose purpose is to strip the magic away from these children, for the good of society. Because, really, who wants a child that levitates her cereal? Miss Emily is nothing but thorough.

Exhibit A: Alumni Frances Ann Owlden Belkirk. Frances doesn't believe in anything. Not God, not faeries, not even in the goodness of mankind. She's a naturalist, a scientist, an ornithologist  about to confront her own magical past and her reliance on emperical data. Because you see, Frances' niece is being sent to Miss Emily's as we speak. And Miss Emily is not exactly the philanthropic soul everyone thinks her to be.

YouTube playlist.

Object Theatre, Stop motion film, Photo Stories, Video Game. Ongoing.


A story of greed & rarity, a magic hat, and an ocean of drowned pack rats.

Film version currently in production.

Matchbox Theatre. Live Performance. 2011.

Paper Moon

Paper Theatre--live performance.

Two friends separated by hunters and circus performers, are finally reunited.

A surreal homage to the classic song.

Paper Theatre. 2010.