Clothing Portfolio

Gothic Lolita

2015. For Local Doll Swap.

Lace Shirt with removable satin collar and cuffs.
Jumper Skirt in ribbed silk and cotton flat piping.
Overcorset with ruffled paneers in linen and cotton flat piping.
Petticoat in lace and tule.
Knit Stockings. 

Cuddle & Flirt

2014. Personal Collection.


Upcycled School Girl Fullset

2013, Den of Angels Triathlon. 2nd place outfit. 1st place overall.

Dress, sweater, socks, shoes, hair ribbons--all from one upcycled garment.

Model: Resinsoul Lan/ Doll Chateau Kid hybrid



2013. Personal Collection.

A Little Oscar de la Renta & Lace

2013. Personal Collection.

Handstitched Silk. Handstitched Lace.


The Almost Mori Girl

2012. For Swap.

Earmuffs. Bag. Scarf. Cardigan. Shirt. Short dress. Skirt. Socks.

The Little Ghost Boy

2012. Swap.

Knit undershirt, two sizes too big. Tattered silk and velvet breeches. Hand me down shirtfront, with handtatted, distressed lace, mild staining.

And Then There was Reptar

2012. Swap.

Hoodie. Pants.

Like Hoodies for Gamers (who have a secret love of Teddy Bears)

2012. Swap.

Reversible Hoodie (Dragons & Skaters), Jeans, Messenger bag with hidden teddy bear.