Commission Information

Doll Clothing Commissions

I sew for almost any doll size and can work from measurements.

Prices & turn-around time are based on complexity of the project.

See portfolio for some examples of past work.

Doll Painting & Modifying Commissions

See Portfolio for samples of my work.

Eye opening:
$35 if opening sleepy/partially open eyes
$50 if opening closed eyes with eyewells already in place.
$55 if head is completely smooth on the inside (no existing indentations/eyewells)

I also do Single to Double Jointed mods, adding joints to a torso, MTF, FTM, facial reshaping, *repairs* and more. Write to discuss pricing for your specific project.


Eye swapping (you provide both heads/sets of eyes): $50

Eye repainting (other 18" dolls): $60

New wig: $15 + complete cost of wig/shipping to me.


Volks ZM UV Cut spray
Artist grade pastels, acrylics, pencils.
Pearl Powder.
Faceup Prices
Basic/Natural Faceup: $35 (Tiny) $40 (MSD) $45 (SD) $50 (AG)
Freckling: $5
Fantasy elements/extreme faceups: $5-20 extra depending on what sort or work you have in mind.
Eyelash application: $5 (must supply own eyelashes, or add $3 to cost)

**Artist choice faceups**
Deduct $10 from size pricing. Artist choice means exactly that--I'll spend some time with your doll, your wig/eye choice, and the general character you've come up with, and I'll create a faceup that I feel suits your doll. No discounted do-overs on artist choice.

Body Blushing Prices:
(Doll must be fully strung for blushing. If you need me to restring your doll please add: $10 for string you provide. $20 for string I provide. Keep in mind I have to order, and wait for string to arrive.)
Tiny Basic: $35
Tiny Freckling/Fantasy: $45 (and up)
Tiny partial (hands, and chest to match head): $20

MSD Basic: $65
MSD Freckling/Fantasy: $85 (and up)
MSD partial (hands, and chest to match head): $45

SD+ Basic: $80
SD+ Freckling/Fantasy: $100 (and up)
SD+ partial (hands, and chest to match head): $50

1. Send me any inspiration images  or ideas *before* we determine the final price. Keep in mind that I will not copy another artist's work, and I may also choose to refuse projects that I do not feel qualified to do. I have a certain style and skillset, and while I enjoy a challenge, I also want us both to be confident in the work I can deliver for you. I do not work on recast dolls.
2. I require insurance AND signature confirmation both ways. I've had too many friends lose dolls in the mail when being sent to customisers. It's a few extra bucks and saves us both a lot of heartache!
3. Pack your head well. If at all possible, include eyes and wig(s) in the shipment--you will get a faceup much more suited to your doll if you allow me to color match and get tone reference from her hair/eyes. Ship your doll out with insurance & confirmation, and make note of total shipment cost..
4. Then pay for your head + the total cost of shipping/insurance/confirmation.
5. Faceups generally take 2 weeks from the date I received your head. (Please keep in mind I cannot control the weather. If we happen to have rain for days on end, which does happen here from time to time, I will be proactive in letting you know how the schedule is looking for your slot.)
6. If you are also requesting modifications, please allow an extra week.
7. Once I am happy with the work, I will send you images of the faceup before the final sealing/glossing (or of the mods before the final sanding). At this point we may discuss small changes if they are needed. But keep in mind that I cannot remove anything, only emphasize things, darken things, change up shading slightly, etc. If you want anything removed from a faceup, the entire thing will need to be wiped, and work will need to start over. I charge $10 for a complete do-over. Only one do-over per faceup project.
8. Once the face is sealed & glossed, I will send you more pictures.
9. And then ship your darling home!